First off we would like to say welcome to Wilde247. We are a website that is dedicated to all things linux, it is ran by Stephen Wilde. At the moment we are working on beginner content. These guides will help new Linux users get stared. Once these have been completed we will work on our intermediate guides and on completion of them we will focus on advanced tutorials.

Along side the tutorials we will be starting a news feed also so you can stay up to date with Linux news. We expect to start doing this by the beginning of June 2020.

Our YouTube Channel

Wilde247 will launch a YouTube channel, we hope to get this launched aswell by June 2020. You can subscribe to the channel today by heading over to

Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure everyone can use Linux by making easy to follow tutorials. With Linux becoming more popular by the day, we want to make sure every user has the skills to use the oporating systems. without stress and worry.

Our Social Feeds

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