Making the terminal easyer for day to day use is something we all want for example wouldn’t it be better if you could just type “uu” instead of “sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade” Well with this tutorial you can do just that so let’s get started.

First, you want to load into the bashrc file to do that type:

sudo nano .bashrc

Now scroll to the bottom and type:

alias uu=’sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade’

You can do this with virtually any command for the terminal, for example, we will make a short version to edit the bashrc file:

alias aliasedit=’sudo nano .barshrc’

Once you have added the commands you wanted shorter simply press “ctrl + o” and enter then “ctrl + x” to close the document. Now reload terminal and type the command you added for update and upgrade. As long as this started to update and upgrade you have completed making life simpler. The more you use terminal the more commands you learn once you know what command you use a lot you can just add more aliases to them.

Making terminal simpler with aliases

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