So you have your ISO downloaded and you’re ready to kick start your Linux experience. Well, let’s start by making that Linux bootable on a USB. If you don’t have an ISO yet, see what we recommend for beginners here

First, you will need a USB with at least 4gb – This covers the size of nearly all Linux Distros they are normally 2gb or below in space but its best practice to plan ahead and have a bit more space than needed. Get a USB here.

Now that you have your USB its time to get Rufus, this is software that makes the ISB bootable on the USB. You can download Rufus here.

Now you have everything you need let’s do this…

Step 1 – Insert and Choose your USB

Step 2 – find the iso of your chosen distro

Step 3 – Click start and that’s it now you have your bootable ISO ready to go.

It’s that simple to create a bootable iso. In the next post, I will show you how to boot and install from the USB you just made

Making a bootable Linux USB (Windows)

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