Its quite common to want to install more than one program at the same time. So in this post we are going to do just that.

In this example im going to install Audacious, MPV, FFMPEG

In a normal installation you install one app like this:

sudo apt install appname

Now you can sit there typing it over and over again with && like below

sudo apt install appname && sudo apt install appname2

But that takes forever so instead you can just press space and enter next app for example

sudo apt install mpv ffmpeg audacious

This will install all 3, now just replace the apps names and you are good to go.

*Small tip incase this command don’t work*

It happens that this command fails especially on older OS’s to fix this use this command instead

sudo apt-get install package1 package2 package3

The draw back to this method though is if you are new to Linux you may not know what they have in the repositorys so I would recommend using the software manager your Linux came with.

Installing more than one program via terminal (APT)

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