The Linux terminal is somthing that many users think is scary… Well its not at all. Lets start by explaining a few basics.

sudo = Super User Do: This command gives you super user priviligaes

Apt = Advanced Packaging Tool

Lets get some commands going here to make you feel like a hacker 😉 to load the terminal press


If terminal, does not load. You can find it in the menu.

sudo apt update

Updates respitories

sudo apt upgrade

updgrades your system

sudo apt install nameapackage

This commands installs a package that is in your respositories. Here is a full example to install gimp
sudo apt install gimp

Now lets start on commands that control your computer


Changes directory
Example: cd Desktop


Lists files and folders in the directory


Removes a file. I will show you how to use this on further down when we piece it all together


Copies and Pastes a file to another location.


Moves a file from one location to another an example is further down


Makes a new folder


Makes a txt file

Now lets put this commands into practice, we are now going to tell terminal to go to desktop create two folders and a text file then we are going to copy and paste that text file into one of the folders then move it into another folder then delete the text document and folders. Copy these commands and what them work.

cd Desktop

touch testdoc

mkdir folder1

mkdir folder2

cp testdoc folder1/testdoc

mv folder1/testdoc folder2/testdoc

Now as you can see this has created folder1 and Folder2 and Created testdoc then copied and pasted test doc into folder1 then moved testdoc into folder2.

It has done this because the cp and mv command work the same lets show you an example

cp /directory/filename /different-directory/filename

You will see that the first bit /directory/filename this is were the file is currently located /different-directory/filename this is were you want the file to go to.


Removes file


Remove directory

Lets get everything we added just removed

rm testdoc

cd folder2

rm testdoc

cd ..

rmdir folder1

rmdir folder2

Thats the end of this demo I hope you learned some simple commands here and realised that the terminal is not so scary after all.

Get started with the not so scary Terminal

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