About Wilde247

Created by Stephen Wilde

Wilde247 has been set up by Stephen Wilde to centralise all products and services Stephen Wilde has created.

You can find out more by visiting StephenWilde .net


A forum created to help with Mental Health so no matter if you suffer or just want to help we are a community come and join us!


Anything and everything Stephen Wilde

C/C++ Code

Python Code

This website helps you learn code by following along with projects made by Stephen Wilde

A local TV advertising company. 

If you own an establishment or just want to advertise JTStv will help you get set up and get your company out there!

A website to app company created for simplicity so if you have a website and want to turn it into an app this is the service for you!

Wilde247 telecommunications, This was set up just to show that Wilde247 does telecommunications repairs, This will become a full telephone repair company in time. In the mean time Wilde247 is subcontracting to companies

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